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My Testimony

Twice in 1990 I brushed with death. Early in the year I was in a severe car accident and later in the year I hemorrhaged post surgery. One day I opened up the Bible to Psalm 116 which showed me that there may have been a reason for my survival.

Then several years later I heard a sermon about how each one of us has a gift to share.  After reading a coworker’s experiences serving in Mexico, I wondered if I could ever do something like that.

At that time I was not strong enough physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally to even think of helping others.

After being introduced to several evangelists and learning more about God and studying the Word, I began to grow. I grew in all areas of my life as I learned to face new challenges. Among these were flying alone to Colorado to visit my daughter and learning how to ride a motorcycle. After that I rode my own bike with my husband to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and back to Michigan.

During this time I was able to identify most with Joyce Meyer and began reading her books and listening to her podcasts. Early in 2010, I was on Joyce Meyer Ministries website and clicked on a link to get more information about medical/dental missions. An application was emailed to me and I was soon approved.

My first trip to India was a real eye opener for me. On the short walk between the bus and the hotel at 1 A.M. we observed homeless people and scrawny white dogs sleeping on sidewalks and in makeshift cardboard shelters.  Everywhere we went in India we were surrounded with beggars. One particular gentleman had almost no legs and was walking on his hands. We were warned to not give anyone anything because then everyone would want something.

It was my first experience in which I could not eat or drink anything I wanted because it was not safe. We had been told to not drink the running water or eat fresh vegetables and fruit. Bottled water even had to be used for brushing teeth. The hardest for me was to not drink the cold milk. I still remember how appreciative I was to have cold milk on the airplane flying toward Frankfurt.

Other things I have learned to be thankful for are continually running hot water, wash cloths, Western toilets, and toilet paper. In India and Sri Lanka, you have to bring your own wash cloths and toilet paper.

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